"Moon Retreats is Your Personal Partner in Designing life-changing Wellbeing Conferences, Workshops, and Retreats for your audience."
Manel Khemiri

About the company

Moon Retreats is a wellbeing retreats organizer company .we believe that In a modern world bombarded with social media , group consciousness has been conditioning people to generalize and seek the uniqueness from a predetermined check list, transforming uniqueness into an act of comparison, competition , superiority or inferiority and unworthiness!

The truth is ,everyone is unique , just by being!

And through our wellbeing programs retreats handpicked in a very high vibration natural locations all over the world

Our Location

We are based in Dubai and with many years of expertise in Well-being and Events, we've found ways to help you: coaches, well-being centers, and corporate: create experiences that can elevate the human awareness and transform their life toward a conscious abundant future

Dubai office: bay square building 1, office 709

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Manel Khemiri

Founder & CEO

Ghaya Chiha

Social Media Manager

Asma Ayadi

Graphic Designer


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Mehdi Bouchami

IT Manager

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